Friday, December 21, 2018

How Many Different Kinds of Light Fixtures Are There? Track Lighting

Lets see if we can find out.  On this first post we will talk about track lighting.  Yes there is still track lighting out there believe it or not.  What I don't like about track lighting, let's be honest - it looks old.
While it is functional, it looks like it would collect dust and cobwebs easily.  So next thing you know, here comes the ladder and a duster, Ugh.  Not our personal favorite kind of lighting.  The newer examples of track lighting while it looks better, I don't know just not my thing, I guess.  Stay tuned for the next post.  Hint: Our personal favorite!

Watch this link about track lighting, I don't remember this part, now I have to watch this movie again!

Uber Modern Track Lighting
Old Track Lighting
Newer Track Lighting

So what do you think about track lighting a rating from one to five? - I give it a 2.

These 2, gotta be a guy thing.....


  1. Love that movie, Steel Magnolias. Makes me cry every time. I agree 2 out 5 for track lighting. I used to have a place with a beautiful track lighting fixture in the kitchen. Stunning light, very functional could change the direction of each light. It was Halogen though and I kept having to replace bulbs, which weren't cheap. Ugh, so I guess you could say I have a bias against track light.


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