Tuesday, December 25, 2018

How Many Different Kinds of Light Fixtures are There? #7 Recessed

Back up to the ceiling.  Recessed Lighting this time.  Who doesn't love some ambient lighting?  Recessed lighting can really open a space up, no visual lights in your way.  Leaves your room wide open to choose a Chandelier (which is my fav) that will become a focal point.  But I digress.  Need some task, ambient or task lighting.  Well recessed light is the obvious choice.  Some people call it can lighting or pot lighting if you really want to go back.  How about lighting up an art piece in a niche.  Boom!, it's recessed lighting.  Round, linear, square, ceiling or walls doesn't matter they definitely do their job! 5 out of 5 is my vote.  Tell me what you think.
How festive is this, if your trim is metal you can hang magnets for the holidays!

There are even color changing recessed lights - Disco time!


Lets look at some rooms with recessed lighting.  Show stoppers!  Think if they just had a boring old ceiling light... Ugh.

Super Cool

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